Building a Benchmark Independent Hardware Business - with AHJ on 3 August

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Exclusive event hosted by Australian Hardware Journal...

We're excited to announce an exclusive event for the Australian independent hardware industry.

We’ve invited Stefan Kazakis, one of Australia’s top business coaches in the trades and construction industry to share his experience, insights, knowledge and tips for independent hardware store owners wanting to maximise the value they get from their existing and future customers and help them to compete for a bigger market share.

Based on 30 years of experience and having worked with thousands of tradies, just like the ones you work with every day, Stefan will share with you the techniques and tools to:

✔ Increase your sales from your existing customers

✔ Improve how fast your invoices are paid

✔ Increase the loyalty your customers have for your business

✔ Give your customers more without it costing you more

✔ How to differentiate yourself from your competition

Capitalise now on the strong demand and opportunities within your industry today.

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About Stefan Kazakis

Founder, CEO of Business Benchmark Group

Author of:

"How To Grow A Business"

"From Deadwood to Diamonds"

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