Planning Intensive - Wednesday 5 August 2020

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You're invited to attend our Strategic Planning Intensive we're holding in August.

2020 has been challenging for all business owners. So now, in the new financial year, it's non-negotiable to have a clear plan to get your business through this next stage.

What's a Planning Intensive?

If you've ever attended a Your Profit Blueprint event, it's the Flight Plan creation part of the day. For those of you who are new to the community or have never attended a Your Profit Blueprint event, this Planning Intensive will enable you to develop a clear, strategic road map for the new financial year, that will give you absolute clarity on your goals for your business with a focus on the three critical areas of your business - Leadflow, Workflow and Businessflow.

Right now is the most critical time for your business to plan, and plan well. The Flight Plan will be the plan we will work together on to hold you accountable to the outcomes.

Who should attend and why?

The Planning Intensive is a core component of your Program. We have two dates and times for you to choose from. Each session is just four hours. You are encouraged to bring your right-hand person in your business.